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Want to find the best restaurants? Something fun to do with the kids this weekend? A romantic “date night” jazz club to take your sweetie to? An online guide will help you find everything there is to do, see and enjoy in your city and so much more.


Cheer on your favorite team.

An online guide will let you know when your beloved team is playing and who they are playing against. Best of all, they may tip you off to great ticket deals or last- minute offers that you'll want to take advantage of. Going to a football, baseball or basketball game is fun for the entire family or a great thing to do with out-of-town guests.

Get cultured.

Some may not realize just how many arts venues there are in their city until they check out an online guide and see the gallery openings and other arts activities they can enjoy. Whether going to a big museum is your cup of tea or attending a crafts class is something you want to do, you'll always find something to do in your city. But without an online guide, it is so much more difficult to find all of your favorite arts and culture activities organized. Now you can do so much more! ...continue reading

victorian houseWhen we bought a beautiful old Victorian house in a green, leafy neighborhood, we were thrilled with our choice. Even the usual round of house repairs and maintenance was not too much of a challenge at first. Unfortunately, a Victorian house also comes with Victorian plumbing! We soon learned the importance of proper sewer and drain cleaning. After a few unexpected disasters, we now know a lot more about maintaining a sewer system in perfect shape.

Lessons Learned in the First Year

Here are some important lessons and tips we learned in our first year of dealing with an old household sewer:

  • The kitchen sink is (unfortunately) not a garbage disposal. It’s not designed to handle coffee grounds, eggshells, or that old container full of chicken noodle soup.
  • Don’t throw ANYTHING into the toilet except for toilet paper!
  • That last rule goes for baby wipes, paper towels, tampons, and anything else that isn’t fully soluble in water. Nothing of that sort should ever go into the toilet.
  • Get to know your sewer maintenance experts and stay in touch with them about your sewer system. If an unexpected disaster happens, you’ll already have a contact person you can trust.

As we adjusted to living with a difficult sewer system, we learned more sensible household habits. We didn’t just pour our grease down the drain. We set aside a special jar for it and disposed of it on garbage collection days. We stopped using our toilet as a garbage can and learned never to flush non-soluble items. The habits of a lifetime can be hard to break at first, but it got easier with each day. ...continue reading

Short Stays in Style With Corporate Housing in Richmond

When you are finding a corporate housing company in Richmond, Virginia there are a handful of companies to choose from.  Corporate housing properties are available for short-term rentals of a time period longer than a hotel is practical, but shorter than the time for a typical apartment lease term.  Among the contenders for the best selection available from any corporate housing company in Richmond, the alternative that stands out is DabneyProperties.com for the range of choices in properties, locations, and housing options in well-appointed furnished units for rental terms of 30 days or longer.  Giving you a full array of locations to choose from, in various styles and types of housing units, and choices in amenities and extras, this is one stop shopping for corporate housing at its best.


More Property Selections Offer More Options

With some twenty-nine properties to choose from, finding the corporate housing for your needs is as easy as a web-click away.  There are a handful of companies in the market though, so it is worth perusing some of the websites that feature various selections before settling on the best choice in a corporate housing company in Richmond.  Some companies focus mostly on one area of town and have a few properties to select from in limited areas.  But DabneyProperties.com really stands out from the others -- with 29 properties to choose from in corporate housing around Richmond, you will be certain to find the one that fits your needs exactly.  The website is visually clear and easy to navigate, allowing you to preview from among the dozens of properties available and select the one that suits you best.

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Ways To Uncork Your Wine Label’s Creativity

Now has never been a better time to become a wine enthusiast. The wine industry is bubbling up to the top of the charts and hitting all of the right notes with the public. Before anyone samples your wine, they’ve first got to notice your wine. All of the advertising and marketing in the world won’t do you much good if you don’t have an intoxicating wine label. So how can creativity help move your wine off of the shelves and into the glasses of the public?

Maverick Wine Labels

1. Know Your Market

You’ll benefit from figuring out your target audience since that will have a huge impact on how your wine label will be designed. It can be tempting to straddle millennials as well as baby boomers, but you might find that doing so does you more harm than good.

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Contemplating Moving To A New City?
Before the House Hunt Beginshouse_for_sale

You have contemplated relocating, you have looked at different cities and locations. Relocating an Buying a House can come with a huge mix of emotional ups and downs. You can feel proud, nervous, excited, and stressed all at once—and that’s all before you even put an offer in on that perfect house! However, before you start even looking at homes, there are several important things you need to square away first. First, you need to ensure your credit history is as blemish-free and accurate as humanly possible; second, you should gather up all relevant financial documentation and have it on hand for potential lenders to review. This can make the process much simpler and smoother for you.

Check Your Credit

Unless you plan on whipping out your checkbook and paying cash for your next home, it is vitally important that checking your credit history is one of your very first steps in the home-buying process. Most banks have minimum credit score thresholds for potential borrowers, and should you be approved, your interest rate will be based in large part on your credit score. A difference of just a handful of score points can make a significant difference in the interest rate a bank or lender will be able to offer you. Over the life of the mortgage—typically 30 years—this can wind up costing you thousands and thousands of extra dollars. Therefore, it behooves you to double-check that all of the information your reports contain are as accurate as possible.  ...continue reading